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Countdown Clarity: Timing Your Retirement Preparations

Whether you’re close to retirement or still far from that exciting date, it’s not uncommon to wonder when you should start preparing for each aspect of it. 

From figuring out the right time to be debt-free and when to adjust your portfolio risk, to deciding when to plan for your Social Security benefits or healthcare coverage, this episode guides you through the ideal timeline for each.  

Tune in to find out how far away from retirement you should have answers to these pressing questions.

Here’s some of what we’ll discuss in this episode:  

  • When do you need to get your debt paid off? (3:00) 
  • If you feel like you’re falling behind with savings, how do you figure out what you need to do to catch up? (6:23)
  • When should you worry about structuring your income plan for retirement? (10:06)
  • Does your risk align with your age? (14:58)
  • When do you need to start planning for rising taxes? (18:33)