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Effective Communication Between Advisor and Client

The key to any relationship is good communication and it’s no different for a financial advisor and their client. Everything we do relies on being able to effectively convey information and clearly lay out a plan that everyone understands. 

To celebrate June being effective communication month, we wanted to talk about our process for communicating with clients and how that’s changed since we first got into the financial profession more than 15 years ago. With more and more people moving to virtual communication, it changes our approach, and we’ll tell you how we try to meet people where they’re most comfortable.  

Here’s some of what we’ll discuss in this episode: 

  • How important communication is for what we do every day. (3:46) 
  • How much communication has changed over the past 15 years. (5:18)
  • The way we present complex topics to clients in a way they can understand. (10:33)
  • What type of communication types do we rely on the most? (8:52)
  • How much communication should you expect from your advisor? (16:09)