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Ep 54: When & How to Rebalance Your Portfolio

Creating an investment portfolio that’s properly diversified is just one step. You then have to maintain the right balance as markets move up and down. To do that, you have to consistently evaluate and assess your investments.   

Are you unsure of when to rebalance and how to do it? In this episode, we’ll uncover the importance of rebalancing your portfolio and discuss everything from frequency to tax implications. Plus, we’ll share a cautionary tale about the consequences of neglecting rebalancing.

Here’s some of what we’ll discuss in this episode: 

  • What does rebalancing actually mean? (3:26) 
  • How often should you rebalance your portfolio? (4:59)
  • Are there tools to rebalance automatically? (9:33)
  • The tax implications you need to consider when rebalancing. (11:33)
  • An example of someone we worked with who didn’t do the proper rebalancing. (14:12)
  • What can you do to protect your savings and investments from inflation? (17:30)

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