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All Things Retirement Podcast



Do you have questions about retirement? Financial planning? What about taxes, insurance, investments, risk, and the hundreds of other retirement planning questions that are probably on your mind? Join Certified Financial Planner Anthony Aulffo of Cardinal Wealth Group in Cherry Hill, NJ to learn about important financial topics and retirement planning tips. Listening to each episode will get you that much closer to being prepared for your retirement future.

Search below for episodes about topics you're interested in or scroll down for the most recent ones!

Ep 40: It's Just a Joke

The world is stressful. Let’s take a small break from it with some goofy financial planning and financial advisor jokes and see what kinds of lessons we can learn from them.

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Ep 37: Learning Through Uncommon Sense

At first glance, each of these statements seem like basic common sense that everyone agrees with. But when we look at the way people actually behave with their money, it seems that common sense is actually a bit uncommon.

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Ep 34: Financial Double-Edged Sword

Many financial circumstances that you’ll find yourself in have both positive and negative aspects. Decisions that you can make have both good and bad consequences. Or as Sir Isaac Newton put it: ”For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

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