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Ep 56: France Moves Retirement Age to 64 - What Does This Mean for Us?

Many people have heard about protests in France and that it’s related to raising the retirement age. But not many folks have a lot of context on the issue beyond that. With their retirement age moving from 62 to 64, what might that mean for Americans in the future? 

Today we’ll provide a little perspective on the protesting that has been happening in France and talk about why it’s such a big deal for the age to get pushed back a couple of years. Plus, Anthony will explain what clients can do to from a planning perspective with this retirement age issue lingering in the background for now. If you’ve had any questions or doubts about Social Security and what the future might hold, this discussion is one that you’ll be interested to hear.  

Here’s some of what we’ll discuss in this episode:  

  • The racoon issue that Anthony has been dealing with at home. (1:02)
  • Some background on what’s happening in France. (3:29)
  • Declining birth rates one of the reasons why the math isn’t working like it used to. (5:33)
  • How will Americans react to a change in retirement age?  (8:52)
  • What can clients do to plan for possible changes to Social Security? (11:29)
  • Mailbag question on cutting off children financially. (15:44)

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