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Navigating Finances After Losing a Spouse: Strategies & Mistakes to Avoid

Losing a spouse is an unimaginably tough life event, but the financial implications can add another layer of stress to the grieving process. In this episode, we delve deep into the most common financial issues faced by widows and widowers, from dealing with income gaps to navigating tax changes as a single filer. 

We explore actionable strategies to address these problems, such as the importance of life insurance and the ins and outs of spousal pension continuation. This is the episode for you if you’re concerned with ensuring the financial well-being of your remaining family members and safeguarding your financial future and legacy in the face of loss.

Here are some of the highlights you’ll want to listen for:

- What we discuss with people that come in after losing a spouse and faced with taking over the finances.

- The income gap that gets created and how we can plan for that ahead of time.

- How your tax filing changes could impact how much money you’re taking home.

- The common mistakes people make when it comes to kids and grandkids.

- What Anthony thinks about a trust and using it to preserve family wealth.